Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2,000 Year Old Ossuary: Genuine  Found in Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
An ossuary made of stone to hold the bones of the deceased has been discovered and tested and deemed to be genuine.  The writings on it indicate it is the relative of the high priest Caiaphas who was mentioned in the New Testament as an adversary of Jesus. 

It is of Miriam, daughter of Yeshua, son of Caiaphas the priest of Maaziah which is the name of a subset of the priestly caste, which would be the lineage of Cohens from Aaron.  She was from Beth Imri which is either a family name of the name of a village.  It could be both. 

This ossuary had been plundered from a tomb in the Valley of Elah which is southwest of Jerusalem.   There have been false ossuaries brought to everyone's attention that turned out to be forgeries, but this appears to be the real mccoy.

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