Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Illegal Flotilla Due End of June
Nadene Goldfoot
15 ships are expected to come and provote Israel by trying to break the blockade on the Gaza Strip.  Israel has Gaza blocked because of their control by Hamas, a terrorist organization whose goal is to destroy Israel.  Hamas shells Israel, demonstrating that they are not peaceful, and that they are sticking to their charter which says they are out to destroy Israel.  Israel is making sure that any ships coming are not carrying weapons that would be used on Israel.

The ships are from the Turkish IHH organizsation.  They are also coming from the Hamas instigated "Free Gaza Movement."  The end of June is the expectation of when they will arrive. 

According to International Maritime Law, Israel is within their rights.  The law is that Gaza fishing boats can  be 3 km from the Strip but other ships can't be within 20 km of Gaza.  Israel is within the law to intercept and take control of any ship that declares their intention to sail to Gaza, even when they are not yet in an area that close to it.

The intention of this flotilla is to provoke Israel.  The U.N. Secretary has said that it is illegal.  The one last year was illegal also.  Gaza is not hurting for anything except possibly weapons to be used against Israel, and yet they have found ways to get those.  Trucks from Israel go in all the time with necessary supplies. 

One thing the people could do to make life perfect would be to vote in a group that is not Hamas and would have peaceful intentions wanting to be good neighbors of Israel.  Voting in a group bent on Israel's destruction is not a wise thing to do if they want Israel to lift any blockade.  Israel must do this for their own self preservation.  Groups that are sucked into the Gazan propaganda are only helping a side bent on destruction of Israel.

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