Sunday, June 05, 2011

June 5th-6th Invasion of Israel 2011

Nadene Goldfoot
So far, 4 Syrians have been killed in their attempt to invade Israel.  About 10 have been wounded.  Israel IDF warned them first in Arabic and then with warning shots before taking more serious steps.  Syria did not attempt to turn their people away from this. Last month they had actually goaded them, more likely.  The Syrians are having their own troubles and were trying to get rid of attention on themselves. 

Lebanon did, however.  They tried to prevent their citizens from the invasion. 

Judea and Samaria saw about 200 Palestinians marching to the Kalandia crossing into northern Jerusalem.  They threw rocks at the soldiers. 

In the meantime, the French had been trying to get Netanyahu and Abbas together for more peace talks, and Netanyahu politely thanked him for his help but said that it was impossible to negotiate or to attain a peace agreement with people devoted to their destruction.  This is so logical.  It seems to me that France could work on getting the Arabs to see the error of their ways first and come around to accepting the fact that there is indeed a Jewish state in their midst that they need to make friends with first.  Let's see.  How did we ever get Hitler's Germany to become peaceful?  Hmmmm.  I note that we weren't trying to obliterate Germany at all, just come to peace. 

Resource: Arutz Sheva
Fox News, reported by Rina: about 13 Syrians now killed according to Syrian TV.  70 Syrians have been killed by Syrian government who were trying to overthrow their government.  I saw the picture of the attack and of throwing rocks; very scary.  It sounds so mild just writing about it, but the scene is all violence.

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