Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Israel Should Fight Rockets With Tennis Balls?

Nadene Goldfoot
Lebanon fired 4 rockets on Israel last week most likely by Hezb'allah, the Iranian proxy.  Israel provoked them by firing back.  The terrorists, being the bullies that they are, have screamed "NO FAIR"! 

Lebanon has actually filed a UN complaint on Monday saying that the tiny Jewish state can't respond with artillery shells, saying this is in violation of UNSC Resolution 1701.  They figure it's okay to fire on Israel, which is an act of war, but that Israel can never respond. 

Israel's self defense is a violation of Resolution 1701 and international law?  Lebanon's terrorists are trying to set a precedent in the UN that any response from Israel will be met with world condemnation.  It seemed to work with Goldstone, who finally changed his judgement,  so they're trying it again. " Under international law, Resolutions 1701 is at best a declarative statement of sentiment that lacks legal authority or enforcement power whatsoever . The recommendations spelled-out in the resolution can not be imposed on the parties concerned."

As for 1701, John Bolton was questioned and said that Hezb'Allah needs to be disarmed.  That was laid out and hasn't been accomplished.  Islamic supremacists have not met any of the conditions of 1701, so this is outrageous to attack Israel with impunity to get Israel to respond.  Their objective is to make Israel one big death camp, evidently. 

You know bullies. 
"No, Ma, who, me?  I didn't do it.  Aw, I just fired one little rocket into Israel.  Those meanies!  They fired 6 back at us!  They scared us!  Boo hoo!  You go get them, Ma."

 Bullies never seem to tell the truth.  They fired 4 and the IDF pounded the launch sites with artillery shells.  The UN force called for restraint from both sides.  An organization associated with al-Qaida claimed responsibility for firing the rockets.  Israel holds Lebanon's government responsible for the attacks and expects them to keep the peace. 

Resource:  Pamela Geller pamela@atlasshrugs.com
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