Monday, December 05, 2011

Energy Now  From Israel  Energy alternatives to Consider
Nadene Goldfoot
Watch the video below to learn about some new energy sources coming from Israel.  A pipeline bringing natural gas to Israel and Jordan has been attacked about 8 times now in the Sinai dominated by Egypt, so Israel is developing energy from other alternatives. 

They have more start-up companies than any other country, so have been working on this much needed power.  They have some new concepts on wind power and even in controlling the climate.  Hydro electricity from unconventional power sources from 2,500 years ago going back to a priest is one of them.

Clean energy is the goal coming from Israel.  Right now $300 billion dollars a year goes to oil to power the USA.  "These incredible advances in the field of alternative energy sources could help revolutionize the way Americans generate power."

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