Thursday, December 01, 2011

       Muslim Brotherhood Wins in Egypt
Nadene Goldfoot

I remember Obama thinking that there was nothing alarming if the Muslim Brotherhood would win in a democratic election in Egypt , and that would be so much better than Mubarak's leadership.  I didn't, knowing what they stood for.  Their creed is not of a nice peaceful religion like Christianity or Judaism, but of hatred for all Jews everywhere.  (Read Stand With Us- list on Muslim Brotherhood).  His father and step-father may have been Muslims, but he himself had to have not been appraised about the goals of this group-to destroy Israel and kill all Jews everywhere.  It isn't a lot of hot steam, either.  They believe it so much that there is a fatwa out on us. 
80% of the Egyptians voted in the first round of their new parliamentary elections and voted them in.  I might add that many Egyptians do not read or write.  They had to depend on pictures in order to vote.  Therefore, they are not as informed as our people who can but probably don't vet the candidates they are voting for very well. Unfortunaely, their reputation is that they have been the best organized of all the parties.   The political front group is called "The Democratic Alliance for Egypt."  They won at least 45% of the vote with another 20-25% for the Islamic Bloc, arm of the Salafists, who have created several parties.  One is the Hizb al-Noor.    The Salafists practice a puritanical form of Islam alien to Egypt.  Both parties have the same Islamist ideology with hatred of Israel and the USA,  and we Americans have been shelling out how many billions to them?  

Simon Wiesenthal's Center brings out that the Muslim Brotherhood is an enemy of democracy and peace.  They have an obsession of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.  I believe it is them that even claims that a recent shark was Jewish, and I'm talking about the kind that swims in oceans with fins.   The Brotherhood is not democratic at all.  Look at how they treat women and their Coptic Christian minority. 

The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's Moderate party!  Heaven help them and us.  The Salafists, coming in 2nd with lots of power are the autocrats.  "All the while, Salafists will inject Egypt’s public space with a Saudi form of rigid, outdated, and intolerant Islam." from Husain at CNN. 
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