Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chanukah is Over, and the Bombing Starts Up Again

Nadene Goldfoot
One million Israelis are exposed to the danger of being hit by missiles, mortars and rockets in southern Israel.  Wednesday a rocket was fired into the area that did not explode on impact.  That doesn't happpen very often. 

Thursday, when people were returning from Chanukah vacations, they were greeted by a Qassam rocket within 10 kilometers of being fired from Gaza that landed in a field without killing anyone.  However, it does cause PTSD.  People are alarmed by the sounds of the siren and from running to some kind of cover.  Not all people have access to bomb shelters in the area.  People never know what was fired or what the range might be.  All have to be prepared.  Hamas is held responsible for all firing emanating from Gaza. 

Reference:  Artuz Sheva : Afternoon naps shattered by Rocket Attack on southern Israel by Chana Ya'ar,_2011
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