Thursday, February 10, 2011

America's Unawareness of Muslim Brotherhood's Influence

Nadene Goldfoot

The Pew Research Center published interesting facts of Egypt's and Turkey's Muslim attitudes two months ago. This is the % of approval.

Egypt and Turkey's %
1. Stoning people who commit adultery: 82% 16%

2. Whipping/cutting off hands for theft and robbery: 77% 13%

3. Death penalty if one leaves Muslim religion: 84% 05%

They found that 59% side with fundamentalists in modernizing their country and 27% agreed with the modernizers.

The question of whether suicide bombings are justified showed:

54% justification
8% often
12% sometimes
34% rarely
46% never be justified.

A question should have been asked "when is there justification?" Mohamed Morsy spoke Thursday with a reporter and would not commit his movement to keeping the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. His group is opposed to Zionism and kept saying that the Muslim Brotherhood does not use violence but felt that Palestine was "resistance, " and resistance is acceptable by all people and is the right of people to resist imperialism. I am shocked to think that they see Israel as imperialists.

The New York Times has not been a help-mate to Israel at all. Barry Rubin also comments about this. This newspaper, which the Sulzberger family has founded in New York, has been publishing damaging articles such as Thomas Friedman's "Egypt delivers shock and awe" where he puts blame on Netanyahu for not making peace with the Palestinians, when it is the Palestinians who will not even come to the peace table. In fact, Palestinians have been offered half of the original plot that Israel was to have, and succeeding peace plans were not accepted by the Palestinians. They have been offered peace deals from 1948 to now and haven't taken them. They bide their time. They're planning on a complete take over of all of Israel. Proof of my statement is wanted, so look at the maps they produce. Where is Israel? They call it Palestine. Look at the missles and mortars they shoot into Israel that still go on to this day. So Friedman has the chutzpa to blame the Prime Minister of Israel instead. Another instance is their "Bumbling Brotherhood" which Dr. Essam el-Erian, a Brotherhood spokesman, wrote that Israel must know that it is not welcome by the people in this region. I would agree with this statement, but is he implying that they should leave? It is it from the NY Times? Reporter Scott Atran also wrote that the Brotherhood "wants power." He's right on with this statement, but do people understand what type of power they stand for? Egypt hasn't been like Iran. He also stated that the Brotherhood is receiving flack from Al Qaeda, of all groups, and is being accused of acknowledging the existence of Jews! He made mention that Tony Blair of England was well aware of the seriousness the Muslim Brotherhood stands for. Yet the American government is not admitting to this fact. In fact they are putting out their opinions that they are not powerful at all nor ever will be. There's a lot of history that they are not taking into consideration.

If Israel were imperialists they wouldn't have offered the choice parts of their own piece of Israel to the Palestinians in 1947-48 that weren't accepted. It's not Israel that has started the many wars; it's been the greedy Muslim nations that surround them who want their land.

Are Egyptians getting a complete education on what has transpired between Israel and the Muslim nations? No. Many can't even read. They have to rely on gossip and propaganda and it's against Israel. I would also bet their their history books, read in college, are not giving the true facts of history, either. They'll be in the same position that Palestinians were when Obama insisted that they be given the democratic opportunity to vote, and they voted in Fatah. Probably even the ones who were more liberal were forced by threats to vote this way. So much for Democratic voting in a non-democratic environment.

President Obama said that he was bringing in a new partnership between the US and the Muslim world when he spoke in Cairo in 2009. Now his staff "seems to be encouraging a transitional outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood". In pressuring Egypt's Mubarak to step down immediately, which he may have to do tomorrow, Egypt is ripe for a transition that will include the brotherhood again that could take over the whole country. Turkey has done just this. They had been in the Western group but now are leaving it. They have become one of the backers of Hamas terrorism.

It is most naive to think that just because we haven't seen the Muslim Brotherhood in the protests in Egypt on TV means that they lack the ambition to be in power. Give them an inch and they will take the whole foot or even the yard in their good time without your knowledge.

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