Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palestinians Boycotting Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Nadene Goldfoot
Boycotting any goods from Israel has been the Palestinian's latest bullet into the heart of Israel.  They  even boycotted the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Tuesday night that was playing at Carnegie Hall.  Perhaps the weather was against them for the turnout was sparse, but the effort was visual with posters, etc. against Israel.  Inside the audience filled the auditorium even though protesters were yelling through bullhorns and littering the sidewalk with handbills against Israel comparing Israel to South Africa's apartheid.    Zubin Mehta conducted as usual.  The orchestra played the national anthems of both the USA and Israel.  They'll continue on their circuit coming to the West Coast but not to Portland, unfortunately. 

This was happening at the time Israel was bombed with Grad rockets.  They are constantly attacking Israel but crying how terrible their fate is with Israel. 

All this time Israel has been the only democratic country in the Middle East.  Now they all have the fever of attaining a democracy for themselves and the Palestinians are on the bandwagon calling out that Israel is one of the despots.  Many Egyptians will fall for this out and out lie no doubt as well as others.  The two Iranian ships that just went through the Suez Canal to dock at Syria were carrying weapons meant to be used on Israel.  Maariv Newspaper reported Wednesday that the two ships were carrying missiles, rifles and ammunition and night vision gear.  Evidently Egypt didn't even ask let alone search the ships. 

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