Monday, February 07, 2011

Another Bigger Flotilla Planned for May

Nadene Goldfoot

25 nations are planning to take part in a 12 ship flotilla to Israel carrying construction material, electric generators and a desalinization plant. They plan to get there on the 31st of May to commemorate last year's flotilla of 6 ships.

That's very nice that they want to help out people who cannot afford much, but the question remains as to just what reason they are doing this. Do they realize that this is wartime between Gaza and Israel in that Gaza has vowed to destroy Israel and kill all Jews? It appears that these people do not respect Israel. Hamas refuses to recognize Israel or sign a peace treaty. They have kidnapped an IDF soldier, Gilad Shalit, and refuse to release him. Hamas has brought about the need for Israel's blockading Gaza. As long as they keep shelling and hating Jews, the blockade needs to continue.

However, if this group will allow their ships to be searched for materials Israel cannot allow to go through that will bring harm to its citizens and will go to the port requested, it is fine and dandy. However, the first flotilla was not compliant and that brought about the problem they incurred. It seems to me that if they were just doing a good deed they would have gladly allowed their ships to be searched, and at least 5 of the six did. It was the largest ship who resisted boarding and searching.

Last year's Turkish ship had connections to radical Islamist groups. They were connected to the Free Gaza Movement which is a pro-Palestinian Human Rights organization with activists that are backed by such people as Tutu and Noam Chomsky. al-Qaida and Hamas, terrorist groups, have a history of arms smuggling and that may be the flotilla's primary purpose. Thus the need for inspection.

It seems to me that Israel is bearing the heavy financial burden of Gaza even though they have pulled out completely for the sake of "peace," which they haven't received at all. They have been continually fired on with missiles and mortars. Do the organizers of this next flotilla ever think about this fact? I'm afraid that they certainly have and they are willing adjuncts in a war against Israel. added 2/8/2011-Excellent by David Makovsky

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