Friday, February 18, 2011

Americans, Canadians & Others of Multinational Force in Sinai Trapped

Nadene Goldfoot
We have a group of Americans and Canadians and some from other countries that are part of the Multinational Force stationed in Sinai. This came about after the UN's 1979 attempts failed. By 1981 the USA, Israel and Egypt signed the "Protocol of the Treaty of Peace". They have been policing the area under this peace treaty. For the past three weeks they have been locked in their camps under Hamas and Bedouin siege.

Egypt's army then transferred 900 men of their 18th Division battalions to Sinai to stop the lawless rampage going on there. A request was also sent to the Army Council from Washington.

On February 12th, Saturday night, Israel's Defense Minister, Ehud Barak phoned the Egyptian council head, Defense Minister Mohamed Tantawi. He thanked him for helping.

Ehud Barak also welcomed the military's pledge to honor the peace treaty. The Egyptian 76 year old field marshal's manner with Barak was "curt and to the point" rather than cordial. Too bad he doesn't care to emulate Sadat, who was a mentch. I have a feeling that the only reason he helped was that the USA was involved. If it were to rescue Israeli tourists, he wouldn't have had the heart. I say this because of other comments I've read about their job not being to come rescue Israelis from Palestinians. Tantawi, we all thank you for doing the right thing. I hope you feel pride in saving lives and know that Hamas is being unreasonable.
The Sinai happens to be Egypt's responsibility right now. In 1982 Israel had to withdraw-again for the sake of peace with Egypt, who has turned out to be honorable. Since then it has become a tourist attraction with its coral reefs, Sharm el Shiek city which Israel had to leave, and of course, Mt. Sinai. The Sinai Desert is what Jews crossed in the Exodus from Egypt.
The Multinational Force is made up of 11 countries. Recently it has had 425 men from the Illinois National Guard there. Uruguay had 87 men.

Debka Debka Newsletter 2/18/2011-Exclusive Report

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