Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ganging up on Israel

Nadene Goldfoot

Europe, Russians and Palestinians are ganging up on Israel and the USA. Saeb Erekat, Phd, an important Palestinian negotiator who lectures at An Najah U. in Nablus in Political Science, is pushing Israel to accept 7 million Palestinians in the "Right of Return" deal of Arabs who fled the area in 1948 when 7 Arab armies attacked Israel when it first declared itself a state. The fact that the number has gone from around 600,000 to 7 million does not deter him. Nor does the fact that they were not forced to leave by the Israelis but told to do so by their Arab leaders. Nor does he ever bring up the fact that a like number of Jews were forced out of the Arab countries and had to flee to Israel minus all their possessions. This is part of history that the Arabs want to forget about.

This admirer of Arafat has credentials in "Peace." How can he think that what he is demanding is a peaceful action? I guess it depends on what side of the fence you sit on as to how you view the world, no matter what you have studied in college. It's all how to use your learning to suit your personal needs.

Not only do they want to flood the country with Arabs, but they want all of Jerusalem for themselves. One can see why Netanyahu expects to have a pow wow with Abbas, even though Abbas is threatening to go to the UN to declare Palestine a state. Perhaps this is why Abbas is not bothering to come to the table. What he is demanding is out of line and he knows it. I think he is even embarrassed to demand in person such things. It's like the Middle Eastern way of shopping. One asks for a very high price and then both negotiate down to an amount that both can live with. I see Abbas starting at a ridiculous price that cannot even be considered.

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