Sunday, January 09, 2011

Continued Rockets and Mortars Hitting Israel
Nine Days=20 Rockets and Mortars

Nadene Goldfoot

1/10/11 Three more rockets hit the outskirts of Ashkelon, city of 120,000 and the sister city of Portland, Oregon. These were rockets of a farther range as Ashkelon is 12 kilometers from the Gaza Strip.

20 rockets and mortars have been fired into Israel since the 1st of the year. Three people were injured on a kibbutz of which two were in serious condition. The Islamic Jihad took responsibility for these last attacks Saturday where 4 mortar shells and a few hours later 3 Kassam rockets fell.

This was followed by a firefight between the terrorist militants and Israel's IDF in which a soldier was killed by friendly fire. Air strikes from Israel have been following attacks.

Hamas seems to be increasing the tension, trying to pull Israel into another Operation Cast Lead in order to pile more castigation upon them.

Yet at the same time, Hamas is saying that they don't want a repeat of that operation and are saying that they'll even stop the terrorists during this unofficial ceasefire. It's interesting that they talk about a ceasefire when what has really happened is that their side has increased their offensive against Israel dramatically. In the next confrontation they say they will fullfill the dream of their fathers and take over Israel. So you know that any ceasefire is not for the sake of talking about a Peace between Palestinians and Israelis; it's just to reconnoiter their terrorist troops and reload or rearm.

Israelis are getting mighty irritated about the constant rain of fire upon them.

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