Monday, January 10, 2011

Israel's Capital Is Jerusalem; All of It
Nadene Goldfoot
1967 saw Israel attacked by surrounding countries and winning the war. As a consequence, Israel was able to take all of its beloved Jerusalem back, which means that East Jerusalem fell into Israel's hands. That's the consequence of attacking and trying to kill Israelis and driving them all into the sea. They took their chances and lost. East Jerusalem was being held by Jordan, but they had lost it. Moral of this story is: DON'T ATTACK ISRAEL!
Nothing has ever been signed or said orally that Israel would not continue life or building in all of Jerusalem. The Shepherd Hotel has been declared absentee property and was announced in 2009 that it would be torn down to make way for sites for homes in East Jerusalem. On Sunday the bulldozers did their job, clearing the site for 20 new homes. The title of the hotel went to an Israeli firm who sold it in 1985 to a US Jewish fellow. This business deal was all done according to Israeli law and the government was not involved.
Netanyahu commented that Israel is not stopping Jews from buying real estate. Arab residents of Jerusalem can buy or rent property in all Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem and Jews can buy or rent property in all Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem. It's a democracy.
I think Obama and Clinton have forgotten how this works, because Hilary Clinton, while on a tour of the US Gulf Arab allies in Abu Dhabi, called this transaction a disturbing development and that it undermines peace efforts to achieve the two-state solution. This criticism from Clinton produced the comment from Netanyahu that Jews have a right to live anywhere in Jerusalem.
I say Hockey Pucks to that. I'm sorry to say that my government is backing a group of terrorists who continually shell Israel's cities. When they quit shelling and killing, then Israel might believe that they are interested in a peaceful solution. There's lots of differences here that need to be settled, and Abbas can't face Netanyahu and talk about them. One of these differences is that half of the Palestinians are in Gaza and only want to destroy Israel.
190,000 Israelis live in East Jerusalem and areas next to the Judea/Samaria area which was annexed to Jerusalem's municipality. 250,000 Palestinians also live there. Israel has over a million Palestinian citizens who are also in the government. They have the same standing as the Jewish citizens.
It's terrible that the international community, of which the USA is a part of, does not recognize Israel's claim that Jerusalem is its capital. I think that's deplorable. Jerusalem has always been a Jewish capital, a Jewish center, the holiest of holy cities to Jews. To have allowed Jews to be attacked in so many wars leading up to 67 and just watching and then to reward the Palestinians by giving them East Jerusalem in particular, doesn't make sense at all. What in the world is Jerusalem to them? They only want East Jerusalem as their capital because Jews now have Jerusalem once again. What do nations learn if they can attack and kill and receive no consequences that will teach them to live in peace? Right now they have learned that they can attack Israel and get away with it and receive no comdenation from the international community yet let Israelis live in East Jerusalem-aha! That's the crime in the world. Heaven help us. Lord, do they know what they do?

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