Saturday, February 28, 2009

Over 100 Rockets Hit Israel Since January 18, 2009

Today: Shabbat: 7 Rockets Hit
PS Sunday March 1, 2009 9:00am
Nadene Goldfoot
Hamas has fired over 100 rockets into Israel since January 18th, when we pulled out of Gaza. Today, which was Shabbat in Israel, 7 rockets hit Israel in the Ashkelon City area. One hit a school, but being Shabbat, no one was there. For tomorrow, it's a different story.
Egypt has been mediating but has gotten nowhere with Hamas.

In reply, Israel has held air strikes on their tunnels which bring weapons to them.
3/1/09 Billions of dollars have been pledged to rebuild the Gaza Strip of which Washington has pledged $900 million dollars. Arab countries in the past pledge but don't come through as in the U.N. pledges, making America paying the most.

In the meantime, the terrorists will not return one Israeli soldier held in captivity after being kidnapped which Israel wants back.

It's very nice of us to be so willing to rebuild Gaza, but why when they continue to fire rockets into Israel? Why not make it contingent on a real cease-fire for once?

Israel is very angry at over about 110 rockets falling into its land. Who is going to rebuild Ashkelon's school? USA hasn't offered that help. There will be a reprisal against all the rocket firing again, as the terrorists just don't get it. Israeli patience is waning.

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