Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ashkelon Hit on Tuesday
Portland's sister city, Ashkelon, was hit, probably with a grad rocket today. It is only 7 miles from Gaza, that usually that is far enough away from the regular rockets fired from Gaza, which usually hit Sderot. Grads, made in Russia, can range farther. They have been getting into Gaza through the tunnels and through the Egyptian side.
Israel telephoned Gazans in Rafah and warned them of their possible air strikes. Benjamin Netanyahu, who probably will win in Israel's elections next week, visited Ashkelon and told them that they must topple the Hamas regime in order to stop the rockets.
Of course Hamas is now saying that they are innocent, though the rockets are coming from Gaza as usual. They're saying, It's not us, it's the other guys. We feel that they won the elections, they are in charge, and they are responsible for terrorist actions.

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