Wednesday, March 04, 2009

USA Pushing Israel With Hillary

by Nadene Goldfoot
Hillary was on TV today knocking Israel about not opening the gates of Gaza. She seems to ignore the fact that over 100 rockets have been fired from there since we pulled out only a few weeks ago. Israel allows many trucks in every day but is keeping out concrete, pipes and such that can be used to build bunkers and rockets. Hillary wants lots of humanitarian aid to enter Gaza but ignores trucks that already are entering with such things.

She also complained that Israel demolished a couple of buildings in East Jerusalem built by Arabs illegally. She said it was unhelpful. The buildings are new and not occupied. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem as their capitol. East Jerusalem fell to Israel in the 1967 War but of course the international community doesn't recognize their legal annexation because it's Israel. If it were the United States, it would be automatically part of the USA like Texas.

Now, Netanyahu probably will be the next Prime Minister of Israel once he forms a coalition. He has come to the conclusion that a state of Palestine is not a good idea. After being attacked by the neighboring Arabs for 60 years, I can see why he has given up on the idea. They are not compatible with Israel. I came to the same conclusion some time ago. Abbas, head of the West Bank Palestinians, is not the leader of Hamas, and his people are being slaughtered by Hamas. This is actually not the goal of Hamas, at least. They just want to wipe out Israel, and once they meet that goal they will probably not be satisfied until they kill all the Jews there. I base that conclusion on their utter hatred of Jews and what they are teaching in homes and schools.

Hillary, how would you like to have rockets falling in your neighborhood and hitting homes and even a school? Wouldn't you scream at your government to protect you? How do you think Israel is feeling by having this happen to them?

Hillary, how would you like to have a country next door who only wants your complete destruction? They teach it to their children, even sacrificing their children to this end. They are not ready to make peace and exist as others are existing. Do you really think they should be rewarded with their own state? Not now, Hillary.

Reference: NBC Today Show
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