Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lebanon Katushsa Rockets in Israeli Western Galilee Town

Nadene Goldfoot
On Shabbat, five Israelis were wounded from a Katusha rocket that fell near a home in a Western Galilee town in Israel. Three of them were wounded from flying glass and two were in shock. Black smoke filled the home after the strike. No one would take responsibility for the shooting. Israel IDF fired back. The the Lebanese army and U.N. Peacekeepers found the launch site. The Lebanese chided Israel for shooting back. Are we to be sitting ducks? I'm wondering if the Palestinians went into Lebanon to fire upon Israel.

It was a busy Shabbat for terrorists. Two gunmen were killed in an explosion of their own making. They were preparing explosives for an attack on the IDF border patrols and it backfired. They were killed instead in the explosion.

On Sunday a rocket fired from Gazan terrorists fell just south of Ashkelon, Portland's sister city. That is quite a powerful rocket to go that far.

Israel is not experiencing peace. It was just hit from the north and from the west by rockets. Nice potential neighbors we have. I'm hoping that their "loan" doesn't go through. They need to take an anger-management class.

Resource: Jerusalem Post Newspaper
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