Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anti-Israel Direction in USA Government

Nadene Goldfoot
By appointing Charles Freeman as Chairman of our National Intelligence Council, our government is showing its negativity towards Israel.

Mr. Freeman has been since 1989-1992 the former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and President of the Middle East Policy Council which was known as the American Arab Affairs Council. This was a lobbying group for the Arabs. One of their functions was to publish a quarterly journal called Middle East Policy which was filled with extreme anti-Israel messages. This very man, Charles Freeman, was responsible for this biased journal. Therefore, he just may share the sentiments it vomited out. He has been active in groups against Israel. In 2006 he was involved in Chicago with the group promoting John Mearsheimer and Walt in their writing against Israel.

Why President Obama invited him to take this position does not compute in my mind nor show me that he is qualified to be the editor of America's intelligence. Israel will not have a chance to be dealt with fairly.
P.S. Charles Freeman was NOT appointed as announced today under Yahoo's News Opinion section. 3/11/09. The writer was quite put out and blamed AIPAC and other Democrats favorable towards Israel.

Thank goodness for AIPAC and others. This would not have been fair at all. The writer is banking on Israel being completely wrong in hoping for such a Charles Freeman who would attack it nevertheless. We need fair open-minded people not against Israel at the start.

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