Sunday, June 15, 2008

Abbas Must Gain Control of Gaza
Nadene Goldfoot
There is no sense in talking about a state of Palestine until Abbas, the leader of Fatah who have settled in the West Bank, has gained control of Gaza which is now in Hamas terrorist hands.

Israel is sustaining constant daily shelling, sometimes surviving 24 hour bombardments now. It seems that everyone expects Israel to concede to pressures and give in to the Palestinian's aim to drive them out completely.

The Palestinians are having a fit over Israel's announcement that they are going to build apartments in East Jerusalem. The neighborhood this is going to take place in was already annexed by Israel after the 1967 war. The problem lies in the fact that the act has not been internationally recognized. I suppose that means by the United Nations, which is top-heavy with Arab leaders. The 2003 Roadmap to Peace Plan is worded in such a way that Israel feels it is not violating it and others think they are. The situation has changed since sitting down in 2003 and discussing a roadmap.

In 1967 after the Six Day War when Israel was attacked by all the surrounding Arab countries, Israel won. The Palestinians are sore losers. The Palestinians claim all of the West Bank as part of a future state of Palestine. They want East Jerusalem as their capitol. They lost a chance to this area by losing the 67 war. They haven't done a thing to show that they have earned it. It was never in their hands to begin with. Jordan had control of Jerusalem and the West Bank. We know how they had treated it; like a trash dump. They're also losing a chance to it by allowing constant shelling into Israel. That's not a very friendly gesture. It makes Israel mad. Abbas has no influence on the warring Gazans.

We now have 180,000 Israelis living in East Jerusalem and 250,000 Israelis living in West Bank settlements. They won't be allowed to live there if "Palestine" is created there. Hence, another problem of where they should live in their shrinking state.

Rice, cool your heels. You're not accepting the beligerance of Hamas and its affect on Israel. I don't believe you were brave enough to visit Sderot and Ashkelon. If a rock were thrown in your yard you'd have a tizzy. You just see the big picture of making these two parties sign a piece of paper, and you getting the credit. Israel would have to live with this hatred. Have you asked the Palestinians to change their charters, their hearts and their school textbooks yet? When that happens, the Messiah may be here, but there won't be a peace until these things happen.

For now Israel will not consider any peace agreement until Abbas is the leader of the Gazans and not Hamas. You can't make peace with people who want you dead and that is their stated aim in their charter. June 2007 saw the decline of the prospect of Palestine next door to Israel. It's been a year since that happened, and things are only getting worse.

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