Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And on the Sixth Day...
On the sixth day of a truce between Israel and the Hamas terrorists of Gaza, the terrorists fired three Kassam rockets into southern Israel. It was a gross violation of the truce and wounded two people in Sderot.
This happened after a day of violence evidently in the West Bank, under Fatah control. Nablus was the town which is under the influence of the Jihad of Syria and Iran. The Jihad group avenged Israel's killing of one terrorist in Nablus when they went to arrest two of them. They fired on the soldiers. There was found all sorts of weapons and ammunition in their home. They were planning a big attack on Israel. Three Israeli hikers were injured there, also.
Hamas said they had to support their people in the West Bank, and used this as an excuse to break the truce. How Israel will respond is not known.
Reference: Yahoo news. from Ale Daraghmeh
The Jerusalem Post
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