Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Warring Over the Sheba Farms
Israel offered to have a peace talk with Lebanon, but they refused the offer today. That means there is no truce. First they want Israel to withdraw from the Sheba Farms. This area of land is 5.5 miles long and 1.5 wide and is on the border between Lebanon and the Golan Heights. It has an elevation on it from 825' to 4,940' which overlooks both Israel and Lebanon. Israel won the 1967 war when surrounding Arab countries attacked her, thus gaining land, including the Sheba Farms. Before 1967 it contained 14 farms divided among about 200 people.
There has been a dispute about who the land belonged to before 1967. The French held the mandate in this area and did not clarify a border between Lebanon and Syria. Israel always thought the land belonged to Syria, and they were attackers. In fact, Syria's shelling northern Israel helped to bring about the '67 war.
Besides wanting the farm, the Lebanese Hezbollah want Lebanese prisoners and maps of landmines and cluster bombs used in previous wars. They want all this before a peace discussion. Whatever is left to discuss and negotiate? Bagels and Coffee?
During this time Turkey is mediating negotiations for Israel with Syria.
The Sheba Farms according one source is 8 square miles. Camera said it was 10 sq. miles. Aloha, Oregon is 7.37 sq miles. Grants Pass, Oregon is 7.58 sq. miles. Oregon City, Oregon is 8.14 sq. miles. Altamont, Oregon which lies in Klamath County is 8 sq. miles and has the altitude of 4133', similar to the Sheba Farms. So giving back this farm is the same as giving up a city in Oregon.
Israel has been shelled by Lebanon for the past 6 years. The United Nations has done nothing to condemn Lebanon's Hezbollah for this. Israel had withdrawn in 2000 from Lebanon.
Reference: Wikopedia: Shebaa Farms
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