Monday, May 19, 2008

Hizballah Captured West Beirut
Israel Doesn't Mix In
Hizballah just took 5,000 men from the South and captured West Beirut. Israel was urged by Washington to intervene in Lebanon's civil conflict, but stayed out of it. For once, I am glad that Olmert and foreign minister Tzipip Lvini decided this. We are seen as conquerors of Palestinians and are not when we simply defend ourselves. We were not being attacked. That may come soon, but I believe it's much better to stay out of it at this time. Now Hizballah, the Shiite militia, Iran's surrogate army waltzed in unchecked for its second victory in two years.
American intelligence estimated that Hizballah could retaliate against northern Israel with 600 missiles a day. That would have hit my old city of Safed for sure again.
USA is mad at us if we do and mad at us if we don't. Right now they're very mad at us for our passivity. They wanted us to surprise-attack by bombing their positions in South Beirut. In fact, we have been very passive, not doing much to stop the daily rocket and missle attacks on our civilians these past years. Bush asked the Middle East Countries to confront Hamas and isolate terror-sponsors Iran and Syria. Doesn't he know that all these countries except Israel are in cahoots with the terrorists? USA wouldn't come to our aid, just as they didn't in the last melee with Lebanon. I ask myself what Golda Meier would do, and my answer is just what Olmert did this time. Not mix in; not yet.
Reference: Debkafile: Exclusive Report
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