Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Was Palestine?
There is still confusion about Palestine and who it belonged to. The Ottoman Empire aligned itself with Germany in the First World War. They lost, so the League of Nations, which was the first type of United Nations, took over the area and gave the administration duties to Great Britain, calling this "The British Mandate". It was not considered a state, but a mandated area. Their job was to administer the area, which means that their duty was to manage the affairs. This is not the same thing as creating a state belonging to a people. The few Arabs and Jews that lived there were not a country.
The land was quite desolate. Nothing had been done with it since the Jewish people were conquered by the Romans in 70 AD. The ground lay untouched, some areas becoming swampy while others were drying up and turning into a desert. Originally, it had been the land of Israel and Judea, two thriving Jewish states.
Reference: Wikipedia Encyclopedia
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