Monday, May 26, 2008

Hezbollah, the Terrorists, Gain Power in Lebanon
The army chief in Lebanon, General Michael Suleiman, just became its president. His party will create a new cabinet, and have expressed that they will be using Hezbollah's expertise in fighting Israel.
Hezbollah, Party of God, is a Shi'a terrorist organization in Lebanon. Lebanon has about 3 million people, and the Shias make up about 40% of the people. The Christians there are a minority, and are against it as they feel it is trying to destabilize the community.
It started in about 1982 after Israel invaded Lebanon to stop the terrorists and had allowed a Christian militia run by Major Hadad, friend of Israel to go in and fight the terrorists. They followed their own agenda and slaughtered the Muslims in camps. Israel's Sharon was blamed for the action. He said he did not know that they would do such things. They gained strength in 2000 when Israel was forced to end a 20 year occupation of Southern Lebanon. Then when Israel was attacked in 2006, Israel was shelled. Rockets fell in Safed. It was a draw.
The Hezbollah are followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini, and funded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. They are also financially supported by Iran's government and Syria as well as the Lebanese. From them they also receive training, weapons, explosives, help politically, diplomatically and organizationally. They are receiving finances of from $200 million to $500 million including $100 million from Iran.
They have three main goals written in 1985;
1. Get rid of western colonialism in Lebanon
2. punish the Phalangists (Christian militia)
3. Have Islamic government in Lebanon like that in Iran.
Now : Primary Purpose:
4. Destruction of Israel and kill all the Jews. Does not recognize UN creation of Israel.
The Shia Lebanese support Hezbollah.
This is the group who has their facts all mixed up. They believe that Israel has "occupied all of the area" and all of "Palestine" is occupied Muslim land and that Israel has no right to exist. They started the kidnapping of Western hostages and suicide bombings. They attacked the US marines in Beirut and killed 241 of our soldiers. They are the inspiration for Palestinian terrorists. They've taken on the Palestinian cause and plan to also fight against Israel.
What they will do is kill any chance for the Hamas terrorists to enter into an agreement with Fatah, unite and form a state of Palestine. Israel now has to worry about being attacked from the north as well as the south. No wonder that Syria did not go along with Olmert's offer of the Golan in exchange for a peace, which now seems to have been against the Israeli law anyway. Olmert cannot give away land without the government's okay. They are under the umbrella of Iran and the Hezbollah. They are in no position to make peace with Israel.
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