Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ahmadinejad's Name Calling
Israel is starting to celebrate a momentous feat; its 60th birthday. Iran's Ahmadinejad said it was doomed to disappear as he dwelt on ways to help that goal along. He called Israel a stinking corpse that can't be revived with a birthday party and said the Israeli regime was a fake. He said its existence was being questioned and the regime is on its way to annihilation.
He then went on to say that Israel was like a dead rat that had reached the end after being slapped by the Lebanese. This raving man has not recognized Israel. Since he became president of Iran in 2005, he has constantly provoked international outrage by saying that Israel is doomed to disappear. He has even gone as far as to deny the Holocaust, or at least say that it wasn't as bad as it was. He definitely wasn't invited to the birthday party.
Reference: Yahoo news
Rumor has it that when Ahmadinejad screams about Israel, people become frightened about oil, and the price per barrel goes us. Iran does have a lot of the world's oil. Somebody had better stick a sock in his mouth so it doesn't go up any farther. Israel takes the threats very seriously. I'm sure they're contemplating more than a sock in the mouth in order to survive.
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