Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where Does Palestinian Money Come From?
I've often heard the complaint that Israel is receiving more money than other places, and people see no reason for it. How about the Palestinians? How much money have they been receiving?
UNRA is the deep pockets for the Palestinians. UNRA has a cash budget of $384+ million dollars. In 2008 the USA pledged about $150 million to it, or 39% of their budget. The other big donors are the European Commission, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. All the Arab countries together with their big oil profits contributed only about $2.5 million dollars or -1% of the budget. In that, the United Arab Emirates gave $1 million, Kuwait $1.5 million, Oman $25,000 and Egypt $10,000. Saudi Arabia gave nothing. At least they are not on the list. Though the Arab League have pledged their money, several have failed to fullfill their promises.
Israel alone donated more to UNRWA than most of the Arab states. After Israel transferred responsibility of the Palestinian populations, they didn't control any refugee camps, so stopped contributing in 1997.
Palestinians were receiving millions of dollars from UNRA when Jewish refugees from Arab countries received no international assistance. The numbers of refugees in both places were about the same. Jews were being killed in the Arab countries at the time, probably due to the creation of Israel and the wars there. Then again, the status of Jews in Arab countries were not always the same as the other Arabs. In most places they were tolerated as dminnies, a rather 3rd rate status similar to Blacks in the 1840's in Oregon.
Who is UNRA? This stands for United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. It was started in 1943 from the WWII experiences. Being a part of the United Nations, which is very heavy now with Arabs who always vote against Israel, it is interesting that they give so little an amount, expecting the USA to give so much.
Besides receving UNRA funding, Palestinians receive billions of dollars in International Aid, mostly from Europe, the USA and others far away. They are receiving almost 900 million every year from this pocket. However, about half a million Palestinians are being forced by their leaders to remain in the camps, as they have from 1948 under their leader's control. Their leaders have not built anything with the monies.
It's interesting that when Israel left the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian leaders insisted that Israel demolish all the homes of the Jewish settlers that had lived there. The reason was that they wanted to build high-rise apartment buildings. Of course, nothing has happened. They're too busy firing rockets at Israel, I suppose. Building would be a sign of peace.
In retrospect, I have wondered what they are doing with all this money. One can gather that they are using it for weaponry against Israel. I'm glad that the other Arabs have not fullfilled their donations, then.
Reference: Mitchell Bard
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