Sunday, May 11, 2008

Israel's Electric Car in 2010
Israel just had its coming out party for its new electric car run on a battery. A Danish company is its partner in this endeavor to produce the Renault-Nissan sedan. Being not everyone has a car, and gas must be extremely expensive in Israel, this is just the ticket. It's too bad they didn't invent one to run on solar power, though, as they have plenty of sun.
With this car, you can recharge the batteries at home, or get a new one if you're on the road and go 150 miles or more. In Israel, everything is so close, so that I foresee most people charging theirs at home or at the office.
For people affected by noise, this car is perfect. It has an extremely quiet engine. Look for this car to be on Israel's road by 2010.
Washington Post
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