Monday, November 05, 2007

Rockets From Gaza While Peace Talks on the Table
Gaza's Hamas has not stopped firing rockets into Israel. When Israel retaliates, it is Israel that draws the harsh criticism, not the Palestinians. Israel has now decided to cut off Gaza's electricity bit by bit every time rockets hit Israeli territory. Being Israel has been providing more than half of their electricity, this should inconvenience them somewhat. Even this will draw criticism from others. Israel decided to do this way back in June when Hamas took over Gaza and fired almost daily rocket fire into towns in southern Israel. The latest firing exploded on a home in Sderot Tuesday, where many of the rockets land.
The Israeli military killed two terrorists of a Palestinian rocket squad. This occurred on our Halloween after they had fired rockets into Israel.
Yet Hamas has warned Fatah's President Mahmoud Abbas today against making concessions to Israel about a proposed peace conference sponsored by the United States led by Condolesa Rice. Khaled Meshaal warned that they were risking their political future by preparing for statehood talks. His reasoning is that no Palestinian is authorised to offer concessions. In other words, Abbas is not seen as the leader of the Palestinians because he is from Fatah, and at this rate, only Hamas's leadership will be considered by Hamas.
Somehow, their plan of having the territory Israel gained after the Arabs attacked Israel in 1967 is being prevented by themselves. Again, their greed to gain all of Israel will prevent them from having a state of their own in peace.
The peace talks are to take place in Annapolis, Maryland at the end of the year which isn't far away. How can Israel deal with half of the Palestinians? The Hamas members of leadership live in Syria now, and they haven't decided whether or not to attend the conference.

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