Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Israel the Jewish Homeland
The peace conference is over in Annapolis but the participants have vowed to continue meeting. Iran wasn't invited nor wouldn't have attended. Iran commented that the conference was a failure and that Israel was doomed to collapse. He also said it was a mistake that Syria participated. Ahmadinejad said that Hamas, who is backed by Iran, must have a say in any settlement. Syria said it only attended to get the return of the Golan Heights. They also want full Israeli withdrawal from lands they occupied in 1967. It's amazing that these Arab countries have the chutzpa to demand land they lost after their cowardly attacks on Israel where Israel survived and won. What other countries have won the battle but lost the fight?
Iran feels quite cocky because they now have new missiles that have the range of 1,200 miles. they can reach Israel and US bases. Since 1992 Iran has producted their own jets, torpedoes, radar avoiding missiles, tanks and armored personnel carriers. Iran is not an Arab country but it is an extreme Muslim country. Between 1980-1985 Iran and Iraq were at war. Now all the Arab countries are uneasy about Iran and attended the conference for this reason as well as seeing to the formation of a Palestine.
At the conference, 8 minutes before it started, President Bush received a paper that said that Israel was the Jewish Homeland instead of a Jewish State. Already Olmert had to back down in his earlier statement that the Arabs must recognize Israel as the Jewish State. He had good reason for this. Israel cannot hold the millions of Arabs that want to come into the tiny area and populate it, causing the demographics of Israel to became another Arab state.
Peace is the objective, but these two inept leaders, Abbas and Olmert, have little power. They have just over 13 months to bring it to fruition. In the meantime, even Abbas's Fatah members are demonstrating in the "West Bank" against peace. These are the people he represents. He's already lost the Gaza Strip Palestinians. Who is he speaking for? Bush has already changed his statement of 2004 where he said it was unrealistic to expect that Israel will leave all areas taken in 1967, and now is saying that Israel must end the occupation that began in 1967. That's what worries me. People promise one thing and then change quickly. They're not dependable where Israel is concerned.
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