Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hamas in Gaza
Hamas terrorists had taken over Gaza, causing Abbas to leave for the West Bank. Since then, Israel has only allowed humanitarian aid into the area due to the constant shelling into Israel from these terrorists who do not want peace. They don't even want a piece; they want all of Israel. Israel controls the exit and entrances into Gaza and must for their own protection. Terrorists are constantly trying to invade Israel. Israel also has been supplying Gazans with electricity which amazes me. They left the territory in order to promote peace in the summer of 2005 and pulled out the Israeli soldiers and civilian settlements, but were slapped in the face for their actions with the constant bombardment of rockets into Israel. So much for our good actions.
Gaza Strip is an overcrowed territory where 80% or more of the people depend on aid. They are bred on hatred for Jews and for the United States.
In order to foster peace, Israel's agriculture ministry is allowing the export of flowers and strawberries to Europe. This announcement came about before Annapolis's conference. When it is to resume has not been decided, but I bet it would happen if they would stop firing rockets into Israel. They'd better stop soon. This produce cannot wait long.

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