Thursday, November 22, 2007

Annapolis Peace Talks
Today's Oregonian has a larger article about the peace talks on page A15. I can't help but be most alarmed at a statement by Condoleezza Rice. She said that "when a Palestinian state becomes a reality, the wider Arab-Israeli conflict will end." In other words, she thinks naively that first they can declare a Palestinian state and then somehow everyone will stop trying to wipe Israel off the map. To me this means that the Palestinians will only be in even closer proximity with the backing which they are now getting of more weapons to turn onto Israel.
The problem is that the surrounding Arab states still have the purpose of kicking Israel out of the land. They have no intention of being accepting and peaceful. This is a part of their religion. They have no reason to be peaceful with Israel. They're getting everything they want without being peaceful: the creation of the Palestinian state, land now belonging to Israel, weapons, and soon they hope for Jerusalem and the populating the land with millions of descendants of the few Palestinians that had run out of the land in the hopes of returning to take over all the Jewish homes and businesses of 1948.
How are the Arabs going to guarantee security for Israel when they are busy arming and encouraging their people to attack Israel? Condoleezza needs to study the history and aims of the Arab people in depth before she brazenly helps to destroy Israel.
Is it that Bush and Rice simply want this meeting and the creation of Palestine on their records of accomplishments of which they have very few? I suppose they think that this creation will compensate for the blunder of attacking Iraq and not being able to manage that. Now that the whole Arab world is even more aroused with hatred, as if they needed a reason, Israel will be the first to be destroyed. Israel is Daniel in the lion's den. I hope we have a fair outcome like Daniel did, but there's nothing fair about this pride of lions.

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