Sunday, November 04, 2007

Palestinians Lament: Israeli Occupation of Palestine
Ashrawi Hanan, a Christian woman in the Palestinian circle, a rarity at best, has been finding fault with her fellow Palestinian leaders, but also continues to sing the song about Israel's continued occupation of Palestine and that all their troubles stem from this.
Ashrawi has not accepted the fact that the Palestinian cause has been damaged by their unwillingness to accept Israel in their midst, created fairly by the United Nations in 1948. Had the Arab nations not attacked Israel on its birth, and had not the Palestinians jumped ship, they would have enjoyed life in peace. She does not accept the cause and affect fact that the Palestinians have brought about the circumstances they find themselves in.
How can one occupy unfairly land that is theirs? In the beginning, the land belonged to King David and his son Solomon and their citizens. Palestine was never a state or country. It was an area. Then in the 1920's, the Balfour Declaration promised all the land to the Jewish State to be formed. Finally, the United Nations declared a small piece of the promised land to the State of Israel. Is it their fault that they were attacked by seven Arab countries immediately? Is it their fault that they won the fight and in so doing gained land they should have had in the first place? It's amazing to all that the horrible attack in 1948 would cause such an outcome. I think that is only fair. Bullies have to learn that crime doesn't pay. Hatred doesn't pay. They earned their just reward of losing territory.
The possible future state of Palestine has been offered to the Palestinians so many times by Israel that it makes my head spin. Yet they have refused, expecting to gain the tiny country of Israel instead. Greed only leads to loss. When will they learn? Is it possible that the Palestinian leaders have been in complete denial all these years as to why they find themselves without a Palestine? Arab leaders had sided with Hitler in the 2nd world war. It seems they haven't learned to get along or accept others that are different. Leaders like Hanan Ashrawi would do more for their people if they would be more objective and work towards better communication with Israel.

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