Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jerusalem in Annapolis Conference
Jerusalem will be discussed at the conference in Annapolis at the end of this month; that is if the Palestinians cooperate with each other and attend.
The fact is that Jerusalem has meant nothing to Arabs. It has not been a capital under their rule or even a cultural center. The only thing of significance is the Dome of the Rock that is there, being the spot that Mohammed rose up into the sky. Their revered cities in their religion are Mecca and Medina and they are not in Israel.
Jews have been in Jerusalem since bible days of King David and even before. Mitchell Bard's newly published update #281 states that in 1844 there were 7,120 Jews in Jerusalem while there were 5,000 Muslims. By 1931 there were 51,222 Jews to 19,894 Muslims. The latest census of 2005 finds 582,700 Jews in Jerusalem and 240,900 Muslims. This shows that Muslims are less than half the population in this city. Jews have always been the majority in Jerusalem.
Jews are taught that if ever they forget Jerusalem, they should lose their right hand. It is an integral part of their being. Their history stems from Jerusalem. Therefore, why should the Arabs be able to make demands on Jerusalem? When they had control before 1948 they made a mockery of Jerusalem. They deficated on gravesites of Jews, using it as latrines. Christians and Jews were not allowed in certain areas. Now that it is in Israel's control, everyone is allowed into their special sites.
The Hamas and Fatah Palestinian terrorists have already been fighting viciously amongst themselves in the latest demonstration over control. Their infighting may keep them away from the peace process anyway at this time. If Fatah's Abbas attends the conference, he will only be speaking for Fatah. Condoleeza Rice has been pushing Olmert extremely hard to accept conditions with Arabs. Israel rescued Jerusalem in 1967. The whole city has been a part of Israel for the past 40 years. What will happen now?

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