Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Crossroads for Israel

by Nadene Goldfoot
Israel is facing a most dangerous position right now. It is at the crossroads of making a decision that will bring it peace in the Middle East
Israel has to make some decisions. Right now the left is in command with Olmert and USA's President Bush. They are backing the Palestinian's Fatah's leader who is now in the West Bank area, having left the Gaza to Hamas. They are hoping to advance their peace process. The question is if this highway to peace isn't giving the terrorists and other aggressive Arab states power. American presidents haven't really been of much help in advancing peace for Israel, though we are led to believe they have.

Arafat had visited with President Clinton many times and Clinton did nothing to stop jihad events even when the US embassy and US warships were bombed. Bush is not attempting to do anything to halt the threats of Iran and Syria when both these countries are threatening Israel's security. No matter what happens to Israel, Bush will be exhalted for trying to bring peace in the area, just like Clinton. In other words, what will happen to Israel is strictly up to Israel's decision right now, regardless of what the United States proposes
To the right sits Likud's Binyamin Netanyahu and the former IDF chief of General Staff Moshe Ya'alon who state that Israel can't live with a Hamas state on the border. Hamas is supported by Iran who want to crush Israel as much as the Hamas terrorists want to. Even hundreds of Palestinians are fleeing from Gaza and are pounding the door at the border of Israel trying to get in. They fear for their lives because they were Fatah supporters. They're trying to get to the West Bank where Fatah still has control.

So far Olmert and the left are in command. The question remains. How will Israel ever exist with such enemies on its border and the hope of a friendly state of Palestine squelched by the Hamas takeover. Bush just stated that he hopes Abbas will be successful in the West Bank. He was ineffectual in Gaza, however. What will happen if Hamas takes over all the Palestinians?

Update: 3/27/19

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