Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Democrat Presidents Flip-Flop with Israel
Israel's birth started in 1948 with Democratic President Harry Truman giving the nod to Israel's acceptance. One wonders what Carter has against Israel now that he is going against her in every way. Carter is not only finding fault with Israel, but also the United States and the European Union as well.
Ever since 1948, our American presidents have backed Israel's right to exist fairly well, though they have given the new country many slaps in the face at the same time. Carter now accuses everyone of dividing the Palestinians by supporting Fatah and not Hamas.
He wants to ignore the fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization and not a peaceful political organism ready to take their place in a family. At least Fatah agreed to recognize Israel and live peacefully, though they lack the acrimony needed to carry out their orders. Now that Israel and Bush are trying to help Abbas, the leader of Fatah, Carter is addressing a human rights conference in Ireland, of all places and calling Bush a criminal. I suppose he thinks terrorists are okay if they terrorize Israel. This doesn't go against his "human rights' plan.
How crass can Carter be? To think that I had voted for him unknowingly as a devoted Democrat makes me shudder.
What kind of human rights were practiced in Ireland who had a similar situation in their country between the Catholics and Protestants? Perhaps they are more like the Fatah and Hamas; people of the same ilk but with different political agendas. Together they would love to fight the English.
Carter is in agreement with things said today by Hamas. Both claim that Hamas had won the 2000 election and that it is unfair that the United States has backed the more peaceful candidate. I wonder why we did that? I guess "human rights" is all in the eye of the beholder.

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