Friday, June 15, 2007

Barak Returns From the Sidelines

Nadene Goldfoot
Kibbutz born on Abe Lincoln's birthday in 1942, Ehud Barak joined his family as a first son of Ester and Israel. He received a master's degree in engineering-economic systems from Stanford U. in California after majoring in math and physics. Ehud joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), or Israeli army in 1959 and became the Chief of the General Staff with the rank of Rav Aluf, which is the highest one can go. He earned the Medal of Distinguished Service and has four other awards for courage and operational excellence. He and Major Nechemya Cohen are the most decorated soldiers in Israeli history. He's also an expert in krav maga, the official martial art of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Besides being the 10th Prime Minister of Israel, he has just been appointed the country's defense minister besides being Israel's chief of the Labour Party. This comes at a time when Israel needs guidance in security since Hamas has taken over the Gaza Strip.
In 2006 Barak was a speaker at many American colleges talking about the Middle East. He said that Iraq was deteriorating to civil war and the US presence was more a part of the problem and not the solutions. With all his experience, we hope that he will know just what to do to protect Israel at this time.

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