Friday, June 15, 2007

No Jews Allowed Here

by Nadene Goldfoot
The state of Palestine is to be built upon land that was decreed in 1922 to be a Jewish homeland. 

 Unlike the United States and Israel, the future Palestine is to be free of Jews, Judenrhein, though many Palestinian Arabs live in Israel and even have their own political party. President Bush had told Israel that Israeli settlement in "occupied territories", which meant the West Bank, had to stop. In the hope of peace, Israel froze the expansion of Jewish communities beyond the 1949 armistice lines. Jews who already live in cities like Ariel and Maaleh Adumin cannot receive building permits for any remodeling. There is no building going on in Judea and Samaria (West Bank). Israel also moved Israeli residents of Gaza and northern Samaria completely out of the area just to appease the Arabs.

What have the Palestinians done to cooperate? They have received more foreign aid than nations of Europe under the Marshall Plan. With this money they have supported terrorist groups with arms. They are also supported by Iran and its client state Syria. The Hizbullah in Lebanon are also fed by Iran. Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to issue daily decrees of wiping Israel off the map and Syria threatens Israel with war one minute, yet states they hope the two countries would resume talks the next minute.  
While Israel has been compliant with the United State's dream of an independent peaceful Palestinian state next to Israel, the Palestinians dream is completely different; that of taking over the whole area.

Ideas from Caroline B. Glick's article: 5 years after Bush's utopian speech about resolving Arab-Israeli conflict, and news bulletins.

Update 3/27/19 +

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just here said...

i wasn't reading you blog until about 3-4 years ago nadene but i have been following events in israel for a long time now. you know my feelings and i am glad to simply state them again.

the 2 state "solution" is garbage. it is the homeland of the jews--period. and does not need to be bargained away for peace. peace loving people understand that and would live neighborly in a jewish state (and have) but certain people with a hate agenda are given money and say-so they should not have so we have the current state of affairs that is anything but aimed at peace. why do people insist on going to the table to "talk" with those bent on terror? there should be no talks with them, instead there should be punishment for their crimes against their own people, as well as the jewish people, and the world too. no one is safe with these kind of people forcing their hatefulness upon others. the israelis are peaceful people and over and over and over many things have been found to prove the jews homeland is israel but they foster lies to say otherwise. when they had control of the land it meant zero to them!!!!!! they did nothing to make a life there for themselves. it is the jews return to that land that has seen it blessed and fruitful once again! and that is because God gave it to them in the first place and has brought them back to it bless it all over again! so why the push to have it by those who are not happy nor satisfied (with anyone/anything) anyway? because their hatred is so long standing and vehement they do not want the jews to have it because they want the jewish people wiped out. we'll see about that...God has already showed His hand in the matter to preserve israel to begin with...He is just getting started with what He is going to do with the jewish people and that land He promised them. i am watching everyday because it is all in the we speak!