Monday, October 27, 2014

Qaradawi, Theologian of Terror, Behind Muslim Brotherhood's Jerusalem Attacks

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                             

The Muslim Brotherhood started the problems in Syria.  When Assad ordered his troops to attack his city of Hama in 1982, it was because it was the capital of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They had tried to assassinate him.  20,000 people were killed in that attack.  This came about because Assad is an Alawite, not a Sunni Muslim.  It's a branch of Islam.  When Assad became the president, the Muslim Brotherhood starting their planning of his overthrow.  On June 26, they had tried to assassinate him with hand grenades.  Assad suffered a foot injury, and Hama was the result.

Now that IS has come upon the scene of Sunni Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood is working on uniting all the Islamic movements around the idea of the Muslim Caliphate with the center being Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque.
It is Khaled Mashal of Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood member since 1971,  who is bringing in  the Palestinian issue to cause the Arabs to support the Muslim Brotherhood.  Mashal is living in Qatar, home of Qaradawi (b. 1926), the religious leader who wants to kill all Jews wherever they are.  He's best friends with Qatar's Emir.
Hamas's partner, Fatah, former PLO terrorists, was quick to glorify the terrorist who drove purposely  into the crowd in Jerusalem of people who just got off the train and killed a baby girl and a woman when he hit about 10 people. Fatah has the Silwan or Jerusalem branch, and they have glorified the driver as they always do to people who manage to kill Jews.
Unfortunately, the security situation in Jerusalem has not been good lately thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood.  During Operation Protective Edge, they raised the banner "The siege of Gaza" in trying to incite European Muslims to demonstrate in their streets against Israel.  In this they hope to raise that status of Islam.  Now they have a "Save Jerusalem" campaign in wanting ALL of Jerusalem for Muslims only, and this is because it is a Jewish city created by King David himself.  The commandment of not to covet other people's things is unknown to Muslims, evidently, or ignored as not applying to them..  They want to take what is dear to others.  For them, it gives them status if they can pull it off.  As for their weak point of Mohammad flying to Jerusalem on his flying horse to the farthest Mosque, it never mentions Jerusalem by name.  It's an allegory.  It's a tale of flying carpets and horses.  It was a dream.  It's not usable in taking a city belonging to Jews for the past 3,000 years plus historically, religiously, politically and by population.

Khaled Mashal published a note calling on his people to hurry now to DEFEND (translated as TO TAKE OVER) Jerusalaem and Al-Aqsa.  Al Aqsa is in the hands of Jordan.  Our general, Moshe Dayan saw to that at the end of 1967's war when Israel won.  He was foresighted enough to avoid more problems by allowing them to police the property of their mosque.  So, is the Muslims Brotherhood taking it  from Jordan?  And for why?  They have been piggish about who they allow to pray on their property, causing some Jews to be angry about not being able to pray on the land that held our Temple, which could be worked on later by peaceful leaders, but certainly not by the Muslim Brotherhood's instigations.

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to take over all of Jerusalem.  Do you remember in your culture hearing "if you give them an inch they will take a foot?  It seems like the Brotherhood had high hopes with a part of Jerusalem being the capital of their Palestine, but were plotting and scheming to take over all of Jerusalem, something they never even had in 1948 when Jordan took east Jerusalem and Israel got it back in 1967 after being attacked.  .
This call comes from Al-Aqsa by sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi himself when he was in Cairo in February 2011.  when President Mubarak was ousted.  He called for Al-Aqsa's LIBERATION (take over).  Qaradawi, theologian of terror,  is the most evil of religious leaders that one can find.  It was he who said he'd kill Jews with his bare hands if he could.  The 88 year old is in a wheelchair, however, but is up to trying to kill a Jew.    The man is dangerous because he broadcasts weekly from Qatar to the whole world with his evil thoughts about Jews and Israel.  He had been ousted from Egypt for his radicalness, and taken in happily by Qatar.  Qaradawi put out a fatwa and told the Muslims it was their duty to DEFEND (take over) Jerusalem with their lives.  He would like to die a martyr.  That way he'll get his 72 virgins.  I would hope they'll all be  as old as he is.

A two-faced theologian, while he has condemned the murder of civilians in the 9/11 terror attack, he supports terrorist acts against Israel.  Qaradawi claimed that "such martyrdom operations should not be carried out outside of the Palestinian territories.  He justifies this by claiming that Israeli civilians do not exist because the Israeli government requires all citizens to serve in the army.  So children are fair game, too, to him.

"Mashal and Mousa Abu Marzuk were said to have accumulated vast personal wealth estimated at $2.5 billion each. Mashal was alleged to have appropriated, for himself and his confidantes, the entire Hamas "Syrian Fund" of hundreds of millions of US dollars upon leaving Damascus for an opulent lifestyle in Qatar in 2012."  They follow the footsteps of the PLO's Arafat who also managed to keep a fortune for himself.  

The recent attack in Jerusalem against  the crowd of light rail riders who just got off the train  who were hit by a car on purpose killed a 3 month old American baby girl, Chaya,  immediately, and another of the 10 hit just died in the hospital. She was an Ecuadorian 20 year old.    That was a baby very much wanted by her parents who had waited a long time for her.  


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