Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Obama's Administration Using Chickenshit in their Diplomacy

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                       

Some idiot senior Obama administration official doesn't understand Netanyahu's position at all about Israel.  He refers to him as Bibi, his nickname with friends, and said that he's a chickenshit. This word means worthless or contemptible (used as a general term of deprecation).

"no more chickenshit excuses"  

Netanyahu's first responsibility is to his own people's safety, and if he followed this official's 

ideas, he would be putting Israelis in harm's way, no doubt.  

 The official can't read Netanyahu at all.  Is he/she another of these two-faced friends?  Is he/she one of those who walked out on Netanyahu at the UN when he explained the red line in his speech about atomic weaponry?  You can't fault Netanyahu for his speaking prowess, for he's a great speaker.  When a diplomat has no idea where a leader of a small country is coming from, there's no hope of having any endearing ties.
                                                                       Sadat of Egypt    
                                                                   Begin of Israel

One of the best unions was that between Sadat of Egypt and Begin of Israel.  They didn't always see eye to eye on how to bring about the conclusion both agreed upon, but they felt the warmest regard for each other.  When Sadat died, Begin wrote to his widow beautiful words in remembering their friendship and when Begin's wife, Aliza died, Jehan wrote to Menachem Begin in a beautiful and understanding letter.  Sadat was assassinated, mostly for his going to Jerusalem and making friends to bring about peace between the 2 countries which still stands to this day.  Begin was a born debater.  Sadat was a great listener.

Evidently Obama's people do not understand that Iran and their atomic power is not created for undercutting their oil supply, but that they have evil intentions to use it on Israel, for one, and then maybe the giant USA.  They're playing around with people's lives in trying to be the bigshots they aren't.  Kerry is no Kissinger.   Iran's far more polished in dealing with such dealers in the open markets, and these wiseguys can't compare.
 When the Shah was in power, Iran and Israel did business together.  He was a friend.
Another thing; our administration is such a group of hotshots that they think they can tell another nation when and where they can build.  Israel is not a satellite of the USA but has been a good friend, the only Democratic state in the Middle East since 1948.  Israel has been holding land they received by winning the1967 war for 47 years, now, patiently waiting for some spark of peace from people bent on their destruction. I call waiting 47 years a lot of patience.  Remember, Israel was attacked then by surrounding states who thought they'd get rid of the only Jewish state in the midst of a sea of Muslims.

 Personally, every time they caused a bomb to fall on my country, I'd build another house on that land.  Every time another Jewish life was murdered, another apartment would go up.  I'd keep a tally going on the highest building in Jerusalem for all to see as to all the steps taken by the Palestinians have taken against peace for nudniks like this official could understand better.  Israel is a free democratic society built on the traditions of Moses who brought the Israelites laws in how to be fair to people.  They follow a higher power than the Obama administration is  and consider themselves people that must  follow highly moralistic rules of behavior.  Jews are an ancient race, who were writing when others were chasing wild animals and people.  They have produced many psychologists such as Freud and Adler  who studied people's behaviors.  They know what they're doing when they announce that they are GOING to build on this bare undeveloped land of theirs to people who SAY they want a Palestine in that spot but want to drop bombs and send in suicide bombers to attack Israelis.   Obama, Israel knows how to play the game of chess very well.
                                                               PLO's Arafat

The PLO never was out for peace, and Fatah is nothing but  the PLO with a new leader who has not shown any change except the overt acts of the PLO have been taken over by Hamas.  Their acts are more insidious like celebrating the murderers of Jews.

Obama's administration is so similar to Ronald Reagan's and  Jimmy Carter's; one a Republican and one a Democrat.  It is all in how these men look upon Jewish existence.   Ford's wasn't too outlandish and Nixon was single-minded but did want Israel to succeed.  The best was Harry S. Truman.  However, I can't say that much for our present administration in the acts they have pulled and with the people in the administration who are opposers to the life of Israel.  What has been typical with so many presidents is that they have said one thing but did another.

 An example was at the end of Begin's service as Prime Minister.  Israel was blamed by Reagan for the Lebanese Christian Militia going into Sabra and Shatilla and massacring people.   Begin found this accusation to be unbelievable, fantastic and utterly despicable.  Lebanon's President elect Bashir Gemeayel was assassinated on September 14, 1982  for being a Christian by his own Muslim population.  This was terrible for Israel as the two had much planned in the name of peace.  After this happened, Israel moved the IDF into West Beirut to prevent a Christian revenge on the Muslims.  No one in Israel dreamt that the Christians would massacre people in these camps who were Palestinians.  It was Arabs murdering Arabs, and the Jews took all the blame.  The truth of the matter was that the IDF stopped the carnage.  This event was used as a libelous campaign against Israel and no other people other than Israel were outraged about it.  Within weeks, everyone everywhere thought, from what they saw and heard through the media, that it was an Israeli military unit that massacred the Palestinians.  General Sharon, who was the friend of Major Hadad of the Christian Militia and who had been helping Israel by guarding the border, had to be the fall guy and took the blame, though he had no idea his friend would bring such an act about.  I doubt it Hadad realized himself what his men were about to do.  They were "mad as hell" at the Palestinians at the time, and revenge was the name of the game to them.  
When questioned amid all the strife between the USA and Israel,  Jeffry Goldberg let it be known that diplomatic relations between them is in a "full-blown crisis."  Calling Netanyahu a chickenshit certainly is showing the level of intelligence for this official, and that's why it's hard on Netanyahu to remain civil.    How he does it is beyond me, but he could explode in Hebrew, however there are no swear words in Hebrew to use.  English has a monopoly on them but I hear that Arabic has their share, too.  First,  it's been nasty words coming from Iran, and now from the Obama administration.   

Every American administration has wanted to bring about a Palestine thinking this is the panacea of  all the problems in the Middle East.  At this time, it would only be bringing about another Gaza stronghold where Arabs can air their rockets, missiles and mortars at Israel in order to suffice their goal of being the ones to destroy Israel.  Take off your blinders and see the truth.  Stop trying to add such a destructive move onto your resume of accomplishments.  Open your ears and listen to Netanyahu for a change before it is too late.  What is it in physics?  For every cause there was a reaction?  Learn why Netanyahu has taken the stands he and his country has.  

The Prime Ministers by Yehuda Avner
The Secret War Against the Jews by John Luftus and Mark Aarons over the word, chickenshit
Update:  CNN news: 10/29/14 afternoon, 28 year old Netanyahu speaking


Nadene Goldfoot said...

from Tuvia Mozorosky, "

Your article on Israel,leadership is on target and relevant to day's political climate. Reality and moral decency has fallen by the wayside.

Some quotations that fit the current situation and has has always been relevant........

1. Cannot be rational with someone who is chronically irrational .,. Individuals or countries or societies
2. G-D will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you
3.Don't confuse me with the facts
4. Be careful what you wish for
5. Be careful of a wild animal...his nature is always be wild."

JS Morton said...

The current American administration has virtually the support of Jewish liberals, cart blanche!.....I continue to scratch my head over this?...I think "chicken shit" is complimentary in comparison to the horse shit that supports Barack Obama......I long for the day when American administration's stop dragging Israel around. ..and start walking shoulder to shoulder with sanity...oops, I mean Israel in the Middle East

Nadene Goldfoot said...

You and me, Jeff. They have no idea of what it's like to live under such tension in Israel or pressure from the USA. I long for that day, too.