Friday, March 06, 2009

Attack in Jerusalem: March 5, 2009

Nadene Goldfoot
East Jerusalem is mostly an Arab residential area made up of Abbas's Fatah members. This does not make the rest of Jerusalem completely safe. Yesterday another bulldozer piloted by a Palestinian rammed it into a bus and a police car and injured the two policemen. The ramming overturned the car and it flew into the air and flipped over twice. The bulldozer continued to drag it toward the bus that was stuck in the traffic.

A taxi-driver named Dor chased the bulldozer and shot the driver. In Israel, one does what one can. No doubt this taxi driver was also a soldier and knew just what to do. The bulldozer driver later died.

This is the 4th terror attack in Jerusalem with a vehicle . In September 2008 a Palestinian East Jerusalem resident plowed his car into a crowd of people. July 2008 terrorist attack resulted in 16 people injured. In June 2008 another drove into buses, civilian car and people on a major Jerusalem road killing 3 and injuring 45. Last year on March 8th a Palestinian murdered 8 students in a shooting attack at a school, an institute for Jewish studies. This is happening under Abbas's watch of Palestinian Fatah members.

While the attack yesterday occurred, 5 rockets hit southern Israel.

Reference: The Israel Project: This contains 20 pictures of the recent attack.
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