Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gay En Dred, World

by Nadene Goldfoot
I am totally disgusted with a world that is turning against Israel. Today I received e-mail telling of over 190 universities that are boycotting Israel. The newspapers are full of articles showing affirmation with the Arab world and against Israel. To me, everyone has gone crazy.

How is it that when Israel suffered for eight years the indecency of being rocketed constantly, all the nations of the world did absolutely nothing about it. When Southern Israel citizens were almost driven crazy by the Russian roulette way of life, wondering if it was their day to die , Condoleeza Rice kept saying, don't react to it. Israel itself reacted finally and told the world first of its intentions before it started defending itself. The world was told and told what Israel would have to do, and so Israel, being a land of lawyers and doctors and such, were scrupulously careful in how they handled their reaction. No other country has ever taken the precautions that they took, but they had to make it clear to the Palestinians to stop endangering the lives of the Jews of Israel! The lies that have been coming out about the IDF's behaviors during Operation Cast Lead are abominable. How horrible it is that people are scooping them up and swallowing them whole, eager to believe the worst of these young Jewish soldiers. Gay en dread!

And of course, the predictable happened. The world turned against not the Arabs who display their hatred for Jews and for Israel and are determined to drive them away, but upon Israel itself for its defensive action. Things haven't changed for two thousand years. It's disgusting.

How few Americans, both Jews and Gentiles have ever studied the history of the Jews and Zionism and of the land of the Middle East? Not very many. I have and of course am a defender of Israel as well as a dual citizen of her and of USA. It's not hard to start reading, people. I fear we are becoming a land of non-readers who only get swayed by companions who also know nothing but are defensive about their hateful positions. It seems to just be popular to be against Israel's right of existence.

Today I just read a disgusting essay in the Sunday Oregonian: The root of Israel's problem: Zionism by Ben Ehrenreich, himself a Jew. What have you ever done for Israel, Ben? What have you read? How do you come to your conclusions? You get my biggest gay en dread! Have you been brought up in some kind of isolation? You know nothing of what has been going on? I am totally in shock after reading your article.

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