Thursday, March 26, 2009

This is Why I Love Being a Jew

Nadene Goldfoot
by Dan Sporn: an Israeli
Our condition, in Israel, has never been better than it is now! Only
the television and the media make people think that the end of the
world is near. Only 65 years ago, Jews were brought to death like
sheep to slaughter. NO country, NO army. Only 60 years ago,
seven Arab countries declared war on little Israel, the Jewish State,
just a few hours after it was established.

We were 650,000 Jews against the rest of the Arab world.
No IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) or Air Force. We were only a
small group of stubborn people with nowhere to go.
Remember: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and
Saudi Arabia, they all attacked at once. The state that the
United Nations "gave" us was 65% desert. We started it from

Only 41 years ago, we fought three of the strongest countries
in the Middle East, and we crushed them in the Six Day War.
Over the years we fought different coalitions of Arab countries
with modern armies and with huge amounts of Russian-Soviet
ammunition, and we still won.
Today we have a beautiful country, a powerful Army, a strong
Air Force, an adequate Navy and a thriving high tech industry.
Intel, Microsoft, and IBM have all developed their businesses

Our doctors have won important prizes in the medical
development field.

We turned the desert into a prosperous land.
We sell oranges, flowers, and vegetables around the world.
We launched our own satellite! Three satellites at once! We
are in good company; together with the USA (280 million
residents), Russia (220 million residents), China (1.3
billion residents) and Europe (France, England and Germany
135 million residents), we are one of the only countries in the
world that have launched something into space!

Israel today is among the few powerful countries that have
nuclear technology & capabilities. ( We will never admit it,
but everyone knows.)

To think that only 65 years ago we were disgraced and hopeless.
We crawled out from the burning crematoriums of Europe.
We won in all our wars. With a little bit of nothing we built an empire.
Who are Khaled Mashal (leader of Hamas) or Hassan Nasrallah
(leader of Hezbollah) trying to frighten us? They are amusing us.

As we celebrate Independence Day, let's not forget what this
holy day is all about; we overcame everything.
We overcame the Greeks,
We overcame the Romans,
We overcame the Spanish Inquisition,
We overcame the Russians pogrom,
We overcame Hitler, we overcame Germany and overcame the
We overcame the armies of seven countries.

Relax chevray (friends), we will overcome our current enemies.
Never mind where you look in human history. Think about it,
the Jewish nation, our condition has never been better than now.
So let's lift our heads up and remember:

Never mind which country or culture tries to harm us or erase us
from the world. We will still exist and persevere. Egypt? Anyone
know where the Egyptian empire disappeared to? The Greeks?
Alexander Macedon? The Romans? Is anyone speaking Latin
today? The Third Reich? Did anyone hear news from them lately?
And look at us, the Bible nation, from slavery in Egypt, we are
still here, still speaking the same language.

Exactly here, exactly now.
Maybe The Arabs don't know it yet, but we are an eternal nation.
All the time that we will keep our identity, we will stay eternal.
So, sorry that we are not worrying, complaining, crying, or fearing.
Business here is beseder (fine). It can definitely be much better,
but it is still fine. Don't pay attention to the nonsense in the media,
they will not tell you about our festivals here in Israel, or about the
people that continue living, going out, meeting friends.

Yes, sometimes morale is down, so what? This is only because we
are mourning the dead while they are celebrating spilled blood. And
this is the reason we will win after all.

Please forward this e-mail to all of your Jewish friends
everywhere in the world. You are all part of our force to
keep our existence.
This e-mail may help some of us lift our heads up and be
proud to say:

Resource: Denise Bremridge from Barry Samuels to me.
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