Wednesday, November 19, 2008

United Nations Pressure on Israel, No Others

Nadene Goldfoot
Monday Israel allowed trucks into Gaza to bring in necessary items. The United Nations continues to pressure Israel to keep the gates open, saying that hundreds of thousands are without food and fuel.
They know that the gates are closed because the Gazan terrorists, Hamas, have continued to shell Israel with rockets. I haven't noticed them telling the terrorists to stop shelling Israel. They never blame the terrists, but turn the problem around. Karen AbuZayd of the UN simply said that Israel should open the gates because the warehouse's food is gone. Navi Pillay aid the blockade breached international and humanitarian law.
It is certainly against the law to fire rockets into Israel. That is not humane. This fact is ignored. The bullies hurt a country, then call foul because they have been punished. I can't believe the logic.

The Oregonian is implying that the terrorists are increasing their attacks on Israel because this is the end of a negotiated truce made 5 months ago that certainly has ended, what with shelling Israel for two weeks daily. Barak is keeping the crossings closed because of continuing rocket fire. How else can the terrorists see that their attacks are unwelcome? Are they trying to get the whole Israeli army into Gaza? They are instigating a fight by attacking, and all we have done is close the gate that would open if the shelling stops.

 Israel's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva was as exasperated as I feel. ..."Hamas, which invests all of its resources in arms and terrorism instead of providing for civilians that it brutally controls," said Aharon Leshno-Yaar. He contradicted the UN comments in that water and electricity were still flowing and 33 trucks loaded with supplies were in Gaza on Monday. More are waiting to enter once the attacks of rockets stop.

Israeli tanks went into Gaza Tuesday and were hit with mortar fire. They were followed by a bulldozer and military jeep. They were there to clear the land along the border, a routine operation to find explosive devices. The tanks, though fired upon, did not return fire. There were no casualties.
Israel has said that if the rocket firing persists, they will hit back hard.
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Oregonion November 19th page A8 Israelis make brief sweep into Gaza.
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