Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ashkelon Mad After Friday's 5 Grad Missile Strikes
Cannon Fodder, Not Us
Ashkelon is very unhappy about the way Sderot has been bombarded with missles from Gaza, and is not about to let that happen to them. Ashkelon lies a little farther to the north from Sderot, and has not been struck with longer range missles. Itamar Shimoni, resident , says they will not be quiet and simply wait on the government and army to protect them, which hasn't happened for Sderot with the present government. They're not cannon fodder, he stated. Sderot has been enduring attacks for 7 years, and they don't want that to happen to them. With elections coming up in February, I don't think Likud will let that happen.
Others are asking why they are still supplying electricity, fuel and water to terrorists who are bombarding them. Terrorists are demanding more, like trucks with supplies and food while they get away with shelling Israel. They think they are being imposed upon, not admitting that they bring discomfort upon themselves for their actions. They are not getting away with having their cake and eating it, too.
Barak, Minister of Defense, is afraid to take a firmer stand because of the 2nd Lebanon War fiasco. He stated he is not a minister of war. It seems that in his mind he is dammed if he does and dammed if he doesn't take an agressive stand, so only opts to close the gates to Gaza. It's praiseworthy that he has taken this stand, but when a major city like Ashkelon is being hit with newer missles that are long ranged, he may have to think again about it.
Some feel that Tzipi Livni's stand has caused Hamas to be brazen and take this action of attacking Israel, thinking they will not suffer repercussions. She's very much to the left, as well as Olmert. Olmert's wife was very active in the Peace Now movement. I don't think there has been a similar group in the Palestinian sector.
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