Thursday, November 20, 2008

Iran's A Bomb, But Israel's Guilty of Bloviating
In the article, "That Iranian "Bomb"? it is said that Iran has enough material to make one bomb, and that we shouldn't worry, and that also means Israel is not to worry. However, Israel, being much closer to Iran than the USA, does worry about it. Because of the comment by former Israel Defence Forces chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon, who works with Benjamin Netanyahu , that Israel is ready to attack if necessary, it is felt that Israel should sit down and shut up! They said that Israel's hawks were bloviating. By the way, bloviate means to speak pompously and excessively, to expout ridiculously. It's not a word in my old Webster's 7th New Collegiate Dictionary, but was used by Harding in the 20's.
How brazen of the certain people to think that those living in the Middle East do not know how to speak with their Middle Eastern enemies. Knowing that Israel can retaliate has kept the hordes off their backs, literally. Israel has to be tough. If Israel says it is ready, and already did something similar last year that is now showing the traces of uranium in the spot bombed, I'd be a believer. That ability to play poker just may be the thing that keeps Iran from overrunning Israel with an A bomb. That's all they need, by the way; one bomb.
What would America do if it were threatened by China with the A bomb? If America was called every name under the sun and was told it would be no more? How many threats does it take to make one a believer? We've got it. Iran does not like Israel. Iran wants Israel expelled. Gone. Wiped out. How many times in history have we been told not to worry? We were told that Germany had no plans to attack, and they did. You can't just sit back and say that everything is going to be okay. You have to be prepared.
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