Friday, November 14, 2008

Ashkelon Hit Twice From Grad Rockets
In Israel on Friday, 5 grad Soviet-made rockets that are long range, hit Ashkelon twice. They have a range of 15 miles, which tells you how close Ashkelon is to the Gaza border.
Then the terrorists fired 8 Quasam rockets at Sderot, and 2 damaged a building and hit one civilian with shrapnel. Other people suffered from shock. The nearest hospital is in Ashkelon, which was also being hit.
This was the 11th day of bombarding Israel. Pundits are saying that this threatens a five-month truce. I say that after all this, the truce has been broken.
The EU is pressuring Israel to let supplies into Gaza. It is reported that they have no shortage of bread. Hamas has shut down their power plant and is rationing electricity they receive from Egypt and Israel. They need toner for their printers , tires and other items.
Israel has not allowed trucks into Gaza since November 4th when Israel had to destroy a tunnel the terrorists had dug in order to kidnap Israeli soldiers and infiltrate into Israel in order to kill. Hamas reported that 6 gunmen were killed at that time. Altogether since then 12 Hamas gunmen have been killed.
Mahmoud al-Zahar, Hamas leader, feels that Hamas can commit acts of terror but that Israel is not allowed to retaliate. Israel feels otherwise. They insist on defending their soldiers and citizens when in peril. Ehud Olmert said that Israel would not tolerate the rocket fire and this forces them to continue to apply economic pressure on Hamas with the border crossings.;_ylt=AtB1Qsd2zM9FdOxERsFzya9n.3QA

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