Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ashkelon Hit Again Today
Portland's Sister City Attacked
Hamas has said today that Ashkelon, which is 15 kilometers from Gaza, will now be hit by grad rockets from Iran which have a range of 25-kilometers. They are encouraged to attack since Israel is not fighting back after the pummelting Ashkelon took yesterday with 6 Palestinian Grads and Sderot hit with 11 Qassam missles. Ashkelon's town hall opened the public bomb shelters. Ashdod, which is north of Ashkelon ordered shelters prepared.
An 82 year old woman in Sderot suffered shrapnel wounds and 22 people were in the hospital in shock. People were told to stay in shelters. they don't know what will happen on Sunday, which is a work day in Israel.
Community leaders and ministers want an effective military campaign against the terrorists before more rockets rain down on the southern part of Israel. They also agree with me in that the truce is no more. It's a farce.
Reference: Debkafile: Special Report
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