Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brinkmanship of Fatah Has Palestinian Negotiators Walking Away

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             

        Saeb  Erekat, born in 1955 in East Jerusalem when it was under Jordanian Control

John Kerry is determined to reach a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal.  However, we just found out Wednesday that the 2 man Palestinian team, Saeb Erekat and Muhammad Shtayyeh,  had resigned 10 days ago in protest because Israel has continued construction in Judea/Samaria and east Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Israel seems to feel that the peace talks, which are given 9 months, are just keeping progress from moving along and intended to build. "Only two days earlier, Israel had announced plans to construct 1,700 new homes for Jewish settlers in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) . Palestinians angrily accused the Israelis of not negotiating in good faith."   The plans were in the works long ago and are much needed.   They had stopped for a year as agreed with Abbas and it was wasted time, as Abbas didn't come to any peace negotiations that time, either.  Israel has offered the olive branch ever since 1948 and has been very patient after being attack time and time again in wars by  the Arab countries.  That's 65 years without peace.  Now Kerry expects Israel to give away their baby with the bath water.  Give up everything, and what has Israel been offered?  Bubkas, as far as we know, since it is all very secret.

Abbas hasn't said if he would accept or reject the resignations.  He couldn't say if there has been any progress and will wait 9 months and afterwards they will feel free to do what they want.  Erekat thinks that because Israel is building this means it was the end of the peace process.  He's already told the US, Russia, the UN and the Arab League that these building plans mean that the negotiations ended.

Israel feels this is "brinkmanship", something that keeps on happening with the Palestinians and is a pattern that has happened many times.  It's their standard way of negotiating.

Netanyahu has told the housing minister to "reconsider" plans for the 24,000 units beyond the Green Line as a result.  "I'm concerned about their progress, because I see the Palestinians continuing with incitements, continuing to create artificial crises, continuing to avoid and run away from the historic decisions that are needed to make a genuine peace."   Abbas had to cut his visit to Saudi Arabia and return to Ramallah to talk with PLO and Fatah leaders about what is going on.  Since when are there any PLO people?  Supposedly PLO became Fatah.  Yasser Arafat had been the PLO leader.

The Palestinians are trying to take Jerusalem as their capital, among other factors that they have been demanding.  Jerusalem is a united city once again and the capital of Israel.  Another sticky point is allowing all the refugees who have multiplied since 1948 into this tiny area as the Palestinians demand.  Being they will not accept Israel in the first place in their midst, there are just too many idiotic concessions that they are demanding that will completely tear Israel apart, as little as it is and surrounded by hateful terrorists.   Personally, I think John Kerry is asking the impossible of Israel.  Also, he was aiming on having this all completed by May 2014, which is 6 months from now.

One important matter to Israel has been Iran.  Watching how the USA has capitulated to Iran shakes up Netanyahu's trust in the USA's negotiating, and this is a failure.  The way the peace talks with the PLO/Fatah is going looks like it's on the same path; both being against Israel's needs to survive.


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