Friday, November 01, 2013

Hamas Ignores the Cease Fire Agreement Continues Attacking Israel

Nadene Goldfoot
Five IDF soldiers were injured last night due to a mortar bomb exploding in a tunnel dug in Khan Younnis in southern Gaza.  One was seriously injured of the 5.  In due process, 3 Palestinian terrorists were killed.  " Their activities breached the understanding with Hamas since Operation Pillar of Defense and they implemented activities against Israel by building the tunnels.  Hamas is in control in Gaza and it is their responsibility to prevent terrorism of any kind. "  

Rockets have been fired lately from Gaza after several months of quiet.  It could be a relatiation to the peace talks that Fatah's Abbas is involved with and the releasing of murderers by Israel in compliance to Abbas's demands.  What Hamas has been doing is stockpiling mortars, rockets and missiles and building tunnels.  

A tunnel used by terrorists had been found and is now blown up.  


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